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About the Vision

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Connect with our team


PROF. DR. Mokhtar Elnomrosy


Eng. Karim Salah

Chief Technology Officer

Eng. Mo Sherif

Engineering Services, Principal Advisor

Dr. Mostafa Abdalla, PhD

Innovation Tecnology, Pricipal Advisor

Dr. Hesham Shokry, PhD

Industrial Control, Principal Advisor

Dr. Abdelmneim, PhD


Mr. Islam Youssef

Power Engineering, Director

Eng. Ashraf Helal

Engineering Solutions, Director

Eng. Mohamed Omar

Projects Manager

Eng. Mohamed Elaraby

Product Development, Director

Eng. Mohamed Hassan

Innovation Management, Director

Eng. Mohamed Osman

Information Technology, Director

Eng. Ahmed Mahmoud

Instrumentation & HMI , Director

Eng. Hegab AdelShafi

Projects Manager

Eng. Hany Abodief